Relational Coordination Research Collaborative

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Our History

The Relational Coordination Research Collaborative approach

THE RELATIONAL COORDINATION RESEARCH COLLABORATIVE was founded in 2011 to help organizations build relational coordination for high performance.  RCRC was founded by Professor Jody Hoffer Gittell, inspired by colleagues like Tony Suchman (McArdle Ramerman Center), Ken Milne and Nancy Whitelaw (Salus Global Corporation), Dale Collins Vidal (Dartmouth-Hitchcock), Margie Godfrey (Dartmouth Institute),  Thomas Huber (Kaiser Permanente), Gene Beyt (Indiana University Health), Kathryn McDonald (Stanford Health Policy), Deborah Ancona (MIT Leadership Center), John Carroll (MIT Lean Advancement Initiative) and Edgar Schein (MIT Sloan School of Management) who pointed out the potential for relational coordination to serve the needs of practitioners as well as researchers.

Based at Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management, RCRC has been staffed from the beginning by highly committed PhD students, starting with Saleema Moore (now Chief Operating Officer and acting Chief Executive Officer of RC Analytics) who pioneered the RC survey support process, Lynn Garvin who led our branding efforts, and program administrator Debbie DeWolfe who managed our day to day finances. Anna Perlmutter (Heller MBA) joined us in 2012 then left to enroll in a PhD program at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve, leaving us with improved management systems.  Joanne Beswick and Tanya Allain now form the core of the RCRC team, using their considerable talents to build our research and our partnership network.

Our Heller School colleagues Stan Wallack, Lisa Lynch, Connie Horgan, Jen Perloff, Ron Etlinger, Carole Carlson, Jack White and Alex Rubington have played key roles in ensuring RCRC's successful launch by providing their expertise at critical junctures in our journey.

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