Relational Coordination Research Collaborative

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September 16 at 10 am RCRC Research WebinarRELATIONAL COORDINATION is communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration - a powerful driver of performance when work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained.  RCRC’s mission is to transform relationships for high performance by helping organizations to build shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect across boundaries. 

Based at Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy & Management, we connect researchers and practitioners around the world to develop and test new models of change.  We explore how participants transform their relational dynamics and how they redesign their structures to reinforce the new dynamics.  We explore how these changes affect performance outcomes including quality, safety, efficiency, engagement, learning and innovation.

With the RC Survey, a valid and reliable measurement tool, you can gain new insight into the relational dynamics that exist between individuals, groups and organizations - and begin to transform them.  When used for intervention, this measurement tool should be treated as one element of a broader system, as shown in the Relational Model of Organizational Change, with guidance from RC certified professionals. RC measurement is offered by Relational Coordination Analytics and its distribution partners:


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