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Comparing RC to Other Validated Measures of Teamwork in Healthcare

   Bounded and Validated

1. Team Survey (Millward and Jeffries)

2. Team Effectiveness (Pearce and Sims)

3. Cross-functional Team Process (Alexander et al)

4. Teamwork Quality Survey (Hoegl and Gemenden)

5. Team Emergency Assessment Measure (TEAM) (Cooper et al)

   Unbounded and Validated

1. Relational Coordination (Gittell)

2. Nursing Teamwork Survey (Kalisch et al)

   Bounded and Not Yet Validated

1. Team Process Scale (Brannick et al)

2. Team Member Exchange (TMX) Quality Scale (Seers)

3. Collaboration Scale (Kahn and McDonough)

4. Team Climate Inventory (Anderson and West)

5. Team Process Quality (Hauptman and Hirji)

6. Team Functioning (Strasser et al)

7. Teamwork Scale (Friesen et al)

8. Team Organization (La Duckers et al)

9. Primary Care Patient Safety Climate Measure (PC-SafeQuest)

10. Team Functioning Survey (Strasser et al)

11. Collaborative Practice Assessment Tool (CPAT) Schroder et al)

   Unbounded and Not Yet Validated

1. ICU Nurse-Physician Collaboration (Shortell et al)

2. Collaboration and Satisfaction about Care Decisions (Baggs)

3. Professional Working Relationships (Adams et al)

4. Hospital Survey on Patient Safety (Sorra and Nieva)

5. Perceptions about Interdisciplinary Collaboration Scale (Copnell et al)

6. Teamwork Scale (Hutchinson et al)

7. Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (Sexton et al)

8. Leiden Operating Theater and Intensive Care Safety (LOTICS) (Van Beuzekom et al)

9. Collaboration Scale (Masse et al)

10. Nurse-Physician Collaboration (Ushiro)

Based on findings reported in Valentine, M., Nembhard, I. & Edmondson, A. (2013). Measuring teamwork in health care settings: A review of survey instruments. Medical Care.   Two of the original 30 measures they considered were neither bounded nor unbounded and are therefore not shown on this table.  Neither was validated. 

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