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RCRC Spring Research Colloquium

Advancing the Science of Measurement, Improvement and Evaluation: Innovations in Relational Coordination 

May 29-30th, 2013

Brandeis University

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Colloquium Overview

This Colloquium will convene a targeted group of 50 researchers and practitioners who are interested in advancing the science of measurement, improvement and evaluation to support innovations in relational coordination research and practice.


To begin a process of reaching common understanding about Relational Coordination and facilitate more rapid learning about:

●      Enhancing RC as a measurement and diagnostic tool

●      Designing interventions

●      Evaluating impact on efficiency, quality, safety, customer/patient engagement, worker outcomes

●      Scaling the learning through improvement science

Participants are invited to "Bring a Gift," sharing challenges they are struggling with in the arenas of relational coordination measurement, intervention, and learning as well as opportunities for innovation that they envision.

Hosted by:

Gareth Parry
Gareth Parry 
(Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Harvard Medical)

Kathryn McDonald
Kathryn McDonald
(Stanford Health Policy)

John Carroll
John Carroll 
(MIT Sloan School, Sociotechnical Systems Research Institute)

Jennifer Perloff
Jennifer Perloff
(Heller School, Brandeis University)

Sponsored by:

MIT Sloan School of Management, Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management, and the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative

MIT Sloan

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