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Annual Roundtables

OUR ANNUAL ROUNDTABLES gather the RCRC community to share, discuss and debate a topic of broad and pressing interest.  

2012 RCRC Roundtable

Achieving Accountable Care through Patient Engagement, Relational Coordination and System Redesign

Hosted by the Dartmouth Institute

Hanover, New Hampshire
November 2, 2012
8:00 am-6:00 pm

Accountable care is a simple idea - delivering high quality cost-effective care to target populations - but challenging to achieve. This Roundtable will explore the transformations that are needed to enable successful and sustainable accountable care delivery. We will hear from innovators in the US, Canada, and Denmark who are using patient engagement and relational coordination to redesign their systems of care.

Starting with a keynote address by Elliot Fisher, we anticipate a highly interactive day with sharing among participants who are deeply interested in the challenges of implementing high quality cost-effective care, as well as presenters from the eastern and western US, Canada and Denmark who will share their innovations. The agenda is summarized here.

Held in the historic and newly renovated Hanover Inn, the Roundtable will start with continental breakfast at 7:30 am and conclude with a reception from 6-7:00 pm.  Enrollment is limited to 80 participants. The fee for this event is $399 per person with a 25% discount for RCRC partners.  

For those who want to use Relational Coordination to foster organizational change, we invite you to stay for a weekend RC Intervention Training Workshop.  This workshop addresses learning about the local context, identifying target workgroups, engaging workgroups in the survey process, using survey results to prompt reflection and learning, designing interventions based on these results, and conducting interventions using principles of relational coordination. 

For information regarding travel and accommodations and to register, visit here.

2011 RCRC Roundtable

What Works and What Doesn't? Building Evidence for Relational Coordination and Organizational Change 

Hosted by MIT Lean Advancement Initiative

One Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts
October 28, 2011
1-6:00 pm

There is mounting evidence regarding relational coordination and performance, but little evidence thus far about getting from here to there.  Which interventions produce changes in relational coordination, and do these changes in relational coordination produce changes in performance?  This Roundtable addresses the challenge of learning from real world experiments to build evidence about relational coordination and organizational change.

Introductions and Overview

  • Jody Hoffer Gittell (Brandeis University, Relational Coordination Research Collaborative) 

Conducting Interventions as Experiments

  • Tony Suchman (McArdle Ramerman, University of Rochester Medical Center)

Measuring Interventions and their Impact

  • Kathryn McDonald (Stanford Health Policy)

Building and Assessing Evidence through the Science of Improvement

  • Gareth Parry (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) 

Integrative Discussion

Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

Reception hosted by RCRC and the MIT Lean Advancement Initiative 

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