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The Southwest Airlines Way, High Performance Healthcare and Transforming Relationships for High Performance

Relational coordination was "discovered" in the airline industry in the 1990s by Jody Hoffer Gittell while conducting her dissertation research at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  The theory of relational coordination was introduced to a wider audience in The Southwest Airlines Way: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance (2003).  But it became apparent that relational coordination was not just about flight departures - it was also about patient care.  With High Performance Healthcare (2009), relational coordination moved into the healthcare industry where it has become a useful framework for helping to transform that industry.

Now based on the work of many other colleagues, relational coordination has become a useful framework for understanding organizational performance in a wide range of sectors and across multiple countries, wherever the nature of work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained.  Relational coordination is also developing into a model of organizational change, as described in Transforming Relationships for High Performance: The Power of Relational Coordination (2016).

To explore the evidence for relational coordination, visit the RC Research Findings Database and the RC Intervention Database.

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